20 February 2012

Locust Hill Lunches

At our house lunches are a variation on a few themes.
-What’s in the fridge
-What’s economical 
-What’s quick and easy

On a typical day we serve up four lunches. Husband Tim’s lunch is usually served up from a can; he shares his desk with Campbell’s, Progresso and Chef Boyardee. Luke’s lunch comes in a paper sack and is eaten in the school cafeteria. I like to think that it’s a bit of a respite from his high school demands.  When it’s my turn to create Luke’s lunch it comes in the form of a multi-layered sandwich, fruit, a vegie and some thing crunchy. Katharine makes her own lunch happen, as you'll find out from her post tomorrow. And then there is me.

I am at constant war with the “bulge” so I concentrate on a meal that’s delicious, nutritious, and low in calories.  One of my favorite lunches includes, fat free plain greek yogurt and frozen berries, I add sliced banana and homemade granola when its time to eat. I’m also known to make a large grain based salad that can be scooped on to greens and lasts for most for the week. My lunch mates are always interested in what I’ve concocted this time, they have been introduced to quinoa, tofu, bulgur, tempeh and amarenth just to name few.

The recipe I’m sharing with you today is a variation on a theme, change the grain, vegetable and herb combinations and the possibilities become endless. The money saved by bring lunch to work will add up quickly. Pack your lunch bag with bamboo utensils and a cloth napkin and you’ll be the envy of the office.

Tempeh Salad

Tempeh- fried in olive oil and cut into small cubes
  Vegies finely diced- i.e. multi colored peppers, onion, scallions, carrots, celery- the sky’s the limit…..
  Herbs of your liking- I’m on a tarragon kick right now
 Toasted sesame seeds or nut of your choice

Lemonaise (to be found at Wholefoods- its worth the trip] or plain yogurt mixed with garlic, lemon juice herbs or just plain balsamic

To add variety you could include olives or capers or chopped pickles as the week progresses. 

Mix everything together and you’ll be a happy luncher
Now that you know what’s in my lunch bag, please share what’s in yours.

Happy Lunching,


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