We Are...

We are here to divvy up our passion about food culture and life. No matter who you are, or where you live, life revolves around food and food revolves around life. All this served up with insights, humor and zest with a multi-generational view.
Our purpose is:

-to give you something to share at your dinner table, both conversational and edible

-to bring to light food's interesting and diverse history

-to learn about sustenance from source to serving

-to look at current food trends

-to satisfy your senses and nourish your energy

You will always have a place at our table.

J, K, L and M

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1 comment:

  1. What!!?? No mention of wine in your purpose?? "...to satisfy your senses and nourish your energy" -- food is the key element and most important, but the mention of a wine pairing might (?) be appropriate... Anyway, love your efforts!!!! Will stay posted and hope to see you soon...

    Bruce (the wine guy)