23 February 2012

Lunch or Luncheon? That is the Question

Lunch or Luncheon? That is the Question 

Dear Friend,

It used to be when someone asked me if I wanted to go to lunch, I immediately thought in my head, NO!!!!. I really did not like stopping in midday to eat a quick lunch. Somehow early on in life I associated lunch with an eat on the run attitude that turned me off of eating at that time of day. Or perhaps it stemmed from the school cafeteria lunches that were less than appetizing. But whatever the cause, the word lunch made me shudder until I started thinking of it as the unabbreviated word luncheon.
 Somehow luncheon zipped up the meal as something I could get excited about.  At least it was more inspiring to me and helped me conjure up an appetite  Just the sound of the word, slowed me down to think about what I wanted to make, knowing it could be something delicious. Can you imagine in the work place or schools if they said, “let’s view the luncheon menu today?”  A completely new image arises. You feel relaxed.

So today, I invite you to a luncheon. It takes no more time than a lunch but it will feel like it does.  Enjoy the sight of your meal cooking. I will be serving sautéed spinach along with shitake mushrooms, chopped onion, and baby zucchini. I season it with salt and pepper and I put all this in a pie pan and top it with thinly sliced Lorraine Swiss Cheese. I then pour five eggs mixed with 2cups milk and ½ cup plain yogurt over it.  I sprinkle a bit of paprika on top and stick it in the oven at 375 degrees. In about thirty to forty minutes it is hot, bubbly, and ready to eat. I call it a Frittata and serve it with an arugula salad. 

 It is fast, easy, and a portable meal for the luncheon bag. Now close your eyes and transport yourself to my dining table for a luncheon. Enjoy.


PS After reading Linda, Meghan, and Katharine’s blogs this week however, I may have to rethink my view on the word lunch.

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