09 March 2012


EEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was browsing some news online, at a reputable national newspaper, and l came across an article on maple syrup recipes. The information was fine but what made me scream and shake in my shoes was the photo accompanying the article. The writer used a photograph of perfectly round pancakes in a Styrofoam container, with a plastic fork and knife inserted, and pouring out of a tiny plastic cup was what he claimed to be pure maple syrup. How many Styrofoam fast food packing places do you know that serve pure unadulterated maple syrup?

What pancakes should look like.
Having put decades of work into producing the finest sweetener on earth, it’s no wonder this traumatized me. First, I did not want consumers thinking that what they get in most fast food restaurants is the real stuff and second this conjured up childhood memories when, I too, was among the innocent. 
My mate readying the wood for the evaporator many years ago
I was introduced to the true taste of maple syrup years ago when my mate courted me in the springtime with blackjack instead of flowers. Blackjack was the name I christened the thick rich dark syrup he brought me in a glass Tropicana bottle. I remember the confused look on my face when I asked, “ What is it?” I was immediately hooked, however, after one little sip on both the syrup and him.

I have come a long was since then. Today, I actually believe that maple syrup is my lifeline. A jar has sat on my table for thirty years and seeing it there everyday is as comforting to me as a warm cup of tea on a chilly morning. I use it in most of my cooking especially if it needs a spark. Maple Syrup is both a pleasure and a passion for me. Can you tell? If you have tried it, you know, if you have not, do so.

Next week we will post dozens of easy loving springtime and maplely (is that a word???) recipes. And don’t forget, if you have a springtime story, recipe or photo or a maple story, recipe, or photo be sure to enter it to win a quart of Mead’s Maple Syrup. We are so looking forward to reading them.

Please submit to divvyupdining1@gmail.com 
The contest closes March 31st. 

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  1. Jude: the pancakes in the picture look much better than the ones that freaked you out! what is the recipe for those?