14 April 2012

There's Nothing To Eat

Dear Friends,

I will admit that this is just another way of saying I have nothing in my fridge. Well, nothing is somewhat of an exaggeration but we have all been there and you know what I mean.  I just came home late after work and a meeting and a dog walk so I am really really hungry. I had not a clue what I felt like eating but I knew it had to be quick.  I  started opening drawers, refrigerator and cabinets. I found capellini pasta,  mushrooms, parsley and cilantro.  I spotted some small grape tomatoes on the counter. That's a start I thought. I also knew that I still had garlic and onions on hand in the root cellar.
Better Than Gold
I gathered my ingredients and began washing and chopping. I sauteed my one sliced onion and three cloves of garlic first for a few minutes. Then tossed in 8 oz of sliced mushrooms ( no stems). I let this cook until the mushrooms looked good enough to eat. Then I stirred in the handful of chopped parsley and cilantro. I dropped about a handful or two of the grape tomatoes. on top and waited for them to soften.  Then I gently broke them open by pressing a fork on them. Some I left whole for appeal.
The Zing of Capers

Still I felt something lacking. It needed zing. Again I went to  the fridge and looked on my door for ideas. I noticed the capers and recalled my good friend Eileen adding these to one of her delicious dishes. What the heck I decided, I'll give it a go.  So I poured in a bit of the juice and a tablespoon of capers, WOW! I topped it all with some pepper and a bit of salt.

I cooked the pasta al dente and stirred in a bit of EVOO. Then I mixed the pasta with the above. I tried a forkful and all I can say is this:


There I admitted it. It was that delicious, I never even realized how much I ate. I am guilty of gluttony. But I did cook him up some of the frozen shrimp I found stuffed in the back of the freezer with capers and soy sauce and tossed it with some capellini. Between you and me, it was not the same. However, I did promise to make my yummy meal again for him next week, especially since I can't stop talking about what a great dinner I had. Oh and if you can think of a name for this dish, please forward it to comments and I may just use it in my book.




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  1. Sounds DELICIOUS!!! DIFINENTLY for dinner at my house this week.