21 May 2012

My Favorite Food Blog

...besides Divvy Up Dining of course

Have you ever read My New Roots? I highly recommend it.

It is created by the genius Sarah Britton, a certified holistic nutritionist from Canada, now living in Denmark with her husband. The blog is a mix between a gallery of stunningly curated photographs, and an index of nutritional information, all delivered in a down-to-earth "you can do this, too" voice. Oh, and I forgot to mention, her recipes are unbelievable too. Many of them are so simple its hard to imagine them tasting like much, but the way she puts ingredients together makes so much sense in your mouth!

Here are links to some of my favorites, and the photographs to go along with them.

and finally, 

Click here to see Sarah's video on how to make your own Nut Milk, so easy! 

Happy Monday!

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  1. Poppy seed-crusted butternut squash with kale and pomegranates, whew! What a long name for a salad! But this is certainly a great treat for vegan and health-conscious people alike! The pomegranates are rich in antioxidant, and its seeds contain vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium and fiber.