05 June 2012

A Women Outstanding In Her Field

I have the wonderful privilege of knowing Deloris Perotti. Our girls have always said they want to be Deloris when they grow up, a lofty goal to be sure. Deloris is a women who lives by her convictions. She is an awesome Mom, a committed member of our community, an environmentalist and my surrogate gardener. Not only does Deloris manage her own business, Border Patrol, she has also started growing vegetables for others. I am known as "a plotter", I chose from a list of vegies,  Deloris planted them and will be tending them. There could be no better partnership for a brown thumb like me. I look forward to posting more pictures as "my" plot  progresses.

                             "Inch by inch, row by row," I can't wait to watch my garden grow!
                                                               Thank you Deloris

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