16 August 2012

Eggplant Tapenade

Blogging? I don't have time for blogging.
In reality that is not true, the truth is that I haven't made time to fulfill this commitment. My summer has been filled with family, friends and adventure. I have had so many experience to share with our followers that I get overwhelmed by the thought of putting them into 2 witty, well written paragraphs.
I as type I am settled in on Martha's Vineyard with my childhood buddy. We are  enjoying long walks on the beach (and along memory lane), cold salty water and amazing meals with farm fresh vegies and seafood brought straight from the boat. I have decide to share an amazingly simple recipe perfect for the summer harvest, travel stories can be told throughout the year when I an settled into my usual school schedule.

                                                          Eggplant Tapenade
     Gather, a medium sized eggplant, red pepper, red onion and one or two garlic cloves

    Peel and chop vegies into one inch cubes, coat with olive oil, add salt and pepper 
    Spread on a cookie sheet and roast at 350 for about an hour or until soft and meshy

    Use an emersion blender or food processor to emulsify into a chunky constancy
      Serve the eggplant tapenade on crackers, endive, pita bread or on pasta. (If you have any other suggestions please post them so we all can try them out.)
      I hope you enjoy this go to spread, it keeps for at least a week in the fridge. Make it your own by adding what ever roasted vegetables you have on hand (I used tomatoes last time I made it). I love the versatility of this recipe because it is fast and simple, we need to be outside enjoying the rest of what summer has to offer.


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