27 February 2013

Los Angeles Visit

Over President's Weekend, Noah, Rainier, and I took our first family road trip.  The drive down was a little rough on Rainier - it gets super hot in the back of the car and the poor little guy can't move out of the sun or even roll his window down yet.  So we had to make a few stops to strip him down and let him cool off in the shade.  We made it in good time though - about seven hours.

I felt like I was on spring break - it was almost 80 degrees and sunny.  Every morning we went running and bought overpriced iced coffees from the trendy coffee shop in the neighborhood where we were staying (big difference between LA and San Fran: everyone who works in the coffee shops in LA are sooo friendly); ate way too many burritos and New Mexican food (this wasn't very different from any other weekend with New Mexicans though); and really soaked up the perks of So Cal.  We have a lot of good friends down there, and it was so nice that they all made an effort to see us, and even host us and our baby - who was not a good sleeper that weekend at all after we assured them he would probably sleep through the night or at most wake up once.  Whoops.

LA really does have its charms.  The beaches are so much more inviting than Northern California, there is amazing hiking and parks, and there are neighborhoods that have their own unique and vibrant culture.  If only they weren't all an hour apart.....Anyway, just wanted to share a few pics of our trip with you.  We are headed back east tomorrow for a family visit, so I am hoping to do a blog on one of my favorite things in the world...sap season.


  1. Look at that face! Sending lots of love to your beautiful boy. xoxox