19 March 2013

maple syrup video

Dear Friends,

We are in the thick of maple season and processing our delicious golden syrup like mad sappers. Check this video out on us making maple syrup. It is a bit rough around the edges but I learned so much by trial and error, lots of error. This is only the beginning of a new format for our blog. We are updating. It has been one year and loads of fun. Meghan is branching out to include some insights and delights on raising baby and being a parent. I am going to put my education and experience to use by including tips on the life of  homesteading, living wellness as a lifestyle, and nurturing the creative side. All this and food too because as we know good food is at the center of the universe.  We also want to be able to answer your questions so there will be an easy Q&A section for your submissions. Hopefully it will be completed in the next month, just in time for warmer weather.We are excited and look forward to another good year together.

Much love and did you remember to  eat your maple syrup today?


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