12 October 2013

Kale Chips - not the costly kind

Okay, let me vent just for a minute please. I walk into my favorite grocery store and turn to my left and see a bin of Kale chips all bagged in two oz tiny packages. The words ORGANIC in bold letters pops off the front of the bags. The green and gold coloring along with the sleek design screams buy me, I look pretty. Then I catch sight of the price and my mouth drops, my eyes glaze over and I feel dizzy. The pricey price for this handful of Kale chips is $6.49. For that price, they better be gilded.

So I return home, pick a handful of my kale from my garden that cost me $1.49 for a package of seed that planted a whole entire row, and proceed to make my own chips. All it takes is Kale, some good evoo, and a bit of salt and pepper. From there I can expand and experiment with different tastes such as cayenne pepper, curry, or even a splash of maple syrup.

Kale chips are delicious, healthy and a super snack food. They fill me up and give me energy, lots of it. So save your money and buy some Kale and make your own.

Kale Chips - preheat oven 400 degrees -

 1 bunch of kale -
 2 TBS  of olive oil
 Salt and Pepper

Cut the stem from the kale by folding the kale leaf in half and running sharp blade along stem. The stem can either be chopped small and baked or discarded.

Wash Kale and pat dry with paper towel.

Slice Kale into small to medium size pieces and put into a bowl.

Add Evoo and rub into Kale with hands making sure all pieces are covered with oil.

Add salt and pepper and mix in.

Spread out on a baking sheet. I first put parchment paper on baking sheet and put Kale on top of it.

Place on middle layer in preheated oven. Cooking time depends on moisture in Kale. Check after 15 minutes.Keep checking until Kale chips are crisp and browned around the edges.

Enjoy...they are addictive.

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