28 March 2014

when no sun make a sunflower

It has been chilly and overcast in my area for weeks now. Being a sun worshipper, I could feel the effects. So I started taking vitamin D, long walks, and returning to yoga. I also spent quite a bit of time surfing the Internet searching for recipes. I must have read hundreds of recipes and from that chose only twenty-five that appealed to me. Now it could have been the weather that caused my disillusioned  quest for something new to try or it could have been that there are way too many unappealing recipes in cyberspace. The ones that I did save though, I am excited about and will share with you in the coming weeks if the taste is as good as the ingredients. But until then, I will post a simple yet fun lunch I made. I call it Broccoli Sol.

Broccoli Sol for two

Broccoli - small bunch
4TBS cheese - grated or sliced thin( cheese type is your choice but I used sharp cheddar)
1TBS mayonnaise - low fat
1 TBS pickle relish
1TBS  ketchup
2 slices of bread or 2 English muffins sliced
sliced oranges for the petals

PREPARATION: preheat oven 350

Steam broccoli until soft but not wilted (about six minutes). Remove from steamer and let set for a few minutes.

In a separate bowl mix together the mayo, relish, and ketchup

Grate or slice cheese


1. Put bread on a baking sheet then cover each slice with the steamed broccoli equally

2. cover each slice with sauce

3. sprinkle cheese over the top

4. cook in 350 degree oven until cheese melts and bread is crisp.

5. add the orange petals and enjoy

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