10 January 2022


Dear Friends,

    It has been a while since we published. Most of us spent that time in shock and disbelieve of what whammed us, unexpectedly, right behind the knees. With a straight on whack, it dropped us to the ground changing our lives in many ways. I am a professor and had been on spring break when it began. Having a beer at our local brewery I bumped into a colleague. She told me to expect not returning to the college but be prepared to teach online full-time. I initially thought she was kidding but the look on her face turned serious. Being the lead IT person at the school she was privy to all changes coming down. She was right. I did not return to the classroom. I haven't been to a restaurant, theatre, concert, shopping mall, or a dinner party. My life went on hold for nearly two years yet so much happened. 

    However, I did eat well. Cooking became my light in the darkness. My one thing to look forward to each day. The stable piece in my turmoil world. Yet, I had no energy, enthusiasm or creativity to blog any of it. Only now can I feel the shift. There really are better days ahead. That is why once again Divvy Up Dining will resume. Not where it left off, but with a fresh look. Just as Ebenezer Scrooge awoke from his dreams all giddy with gratitude, we too will emerge from our nightmare with thankfulness. 

Divvy Up Dining will serve up culinary delights, humor, stories, and anything else that will bring joy to you. We look forward to our time together.






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