06 March 2012

Road Trip-1

Destination: Eatily, NY, NY

Purpose: Meet up with our San Francisco daughter, Grace

Outcome: Great food, exciting experience, best company ever!!!

Sunday morning brought an on time departure from Locust Hill and the promise of an afternoon spent with the family together, spirits were high. We told ourselves that the breakfast of a banana would hold us until we reached our afternoon of indulgences. We didn't make it past the first Dunkin Donuts. What's a road trip without coffee and donuts? The GPS proved an impeccable leader. Tim, (after labeling the devise  "Bitch in a Box") did as he was told and drove right to our meeting place and Grace. She was on the East Coast for the weekend visiting her college roommate, Rachel. After major hugs and kisses all around we were off to Eataly.
Why Eataly you may wonder. Friends had told me it was a great place to hang out for an afternoon, lots to see, eat and purchase. Eataly is an Italian based destination that includes 5 restaurants, many food stalls and an open market place through out. It was created by Mario Batali to replicate an Italian plaza where fresh foods are accessible to everyone. I was looking for a place where we'd be able to sit and chat without being rushed, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. 

We wandered the olive oil isles, sampled our way through the cheese and cured meat stall and purchased fresh squid ink pasta. We had lunch in the roof top brewery, stopped for coffees at the cafe and licked our gelato at a market-place table. With each stop we had a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company.
Time to bring Grace to catch her flight home came much to quickly. We purchased paninis to go and set off to JFK. Saying goodbye was happy/sad. It was a day filled with great treats and the most delicious treat of all was spending time together.

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  1. It was such a perfect day! The only thing better than the food was the company. Love you guys!