07 March 2012

Spring was here

Spring was here.

Spring came to San Francisco this weekend. We had two glorious days of 70-degree weather and cerulean blue skies. How perfect that it coincided with Saturday and Sunday – two full days of freedom. Two days to laze in sunny parks. To go hiking in Marin. To go for a run up to Twin Peaks. To see the Farallon Islands so clearly it looked like I could almost swim to them. To make breakfast burritos. To make home-made artichoke raviolis (sooo delicious and probably the subject of a future post). To have a romantic dinner with my husband at our favorite French bistro. To take a leisurely walk with my husband, brother, and his girlfriend, and photograph flowers. And do yoga in the park. These are the memories that carry me through the week.



Me smelling what I think are paper whites on Mt. Tamalpais

View from Mt. Tam

California poppies

My apartment building

City views

Yoga in the park

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