31 March 2012

Sorry! You are CHOPPED!!

Dear Friend,

I was channel surfing last night and clicked on a food program called Chopped.  I am not sure why I stopped to watch this station but something about the title and the concept intrigued me.  Four chefs compete for $10,000 by trying to create a tasty, appealing three-course meal from unique and unassociated ingredients. All ingredients must be used and on the plate within the allotted time constraint. It is done in rounds with appetizer, then entrée, and then dessert. After each round, one contestant gets “ chopped”.


I started feeling anxious as I watched the four of them racing about the kitchen area tossing farina into a bowl, slopping sauces on the stove, spilling milk on counters, and throwing utensils into the sink. They hurried by each other to grab pots, pans and other needed items and the entire scene turned chaotic (although with a $$$ purpose). The point of the show apparently was to see how fast a chef could work and put together a delicious, appealing dish using only what was on stage. Please don’t misunderstand, I did like the show but that is not my idea of cooking. Perhaps it is because I not only believe in eating well, I firmly believe that the energy that goes in to the preparation of food is just as important. Of course, all these chefs are probably excellent in their own element, but to watch them sweat, cry and stress as they cooked on television, well all I can say is that I would not want to be a judge.


Maybe all this is fine for TV but to me working with food represents life.  Whether I am planting a seed, digging up a potato, scrubbing a carrot, slicing a tomato, sautéing an onion, bottling maple syrup or doing anything with food, I consciously acknowledge that what I am handling fuels my body. And what is terrific about having this attitude is that one does not have to be a great chef or win $10.000 (though that would be nice just in case you are reading this blog Chopped TV producers) to make great food.

Any Meal
 So the next time you enter your kitchen take a deep breath, have awareness, and chop chop chop without feeling you are going to be CHOPPED!



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