02 April 2012

Raised Beds

I am going to try my hand at raised beds this summer. Last summer I had some of Jude's garden fresh romaine lettuce and I haven't been able to look at store bought romaine without disdain since. It was so tender and soft, with such a mild yet fresh taste. I need to make that magic happen on my own!  I've never done any gardening really, and I'd love to get some advice from the pro gardeners out there, and I know you're out there! Are raised beds the way to go for a novice gardener like me? Are they really as easy as they sound? What vegetables are good to start with? When do I start?? I'd love to have your input, and any tips you might have.


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  1. You should read about the Pioneer Woman's raised bed! She did a step by step tutorial on how to build one. Good luck little sissy! Can't wait to eat some fresh veggies with you in June.