15 March 2012

The two step recipes

Dear Friend,

I am sure you are wondering what is a two step recipe.  First you should know that I sometimes like cooking simply. I want my prep time quick. But I also learned that when I use pure maple syrup I only need one other ingredient for a successful dish.  What follows is a simple dinner but it is elegant, delicious and healthy ( yes syrup is filled with lots of minerals and that is why the Grade B ( the B standing for BEST robust taste) is used in detox cleansing.  And that is not all.  Are you ready for this?  This meal is easy and fast.  Why make a thirty minute meal when you can do it in less than ten minutes. All that together along with the added flavor of great tasting syrup to celebrate March Maple Madness, it is no wonder I am giddy with sap fever.

baked maple marinated tofu 

  For your main course, you can use sockeye salmon, steelehead trout, or tofu. I will begin with the tofu.   I marinate the slices in maple syrup for several hours. The longer the better. Then I just saute them over medium heat or bake them in a hot, 425 degree, oven. For the fish I make a glaze of maple syrup and any very good tasting mustard using equal amounts of each.  Just stir the two ingredients and brush over the trout or salmon.  You may let it marinate for a bit or cook right away in a 375 degree oven. The time depends on the pounds. Just keep checking it, like I do.
brushed on fish
mustard and maple glaze


I then do my carrots. Slice them or dice them anyway you want. Put them in a baking dish and pour a bit of maple over them and dab some tasty butter.  I use five medium carrots, One tablespoon maple syrup and a tablespoon of butter. You don't need much.  That is the joy of maple.

I then wash and pat dry my salad mix. I add whatever I am in the mood for to my salad. This one had low fat feta, slivered almonds, and tiny grape tomatoes. Now to dress it.  I take the best balsamic vinegar I can afford to buy ( and believe it or not I find it usually in the bulk department of the smaller fresh food markets) and mix about 1/4 cup to 1/2 tsp maple to create a burst of flavor.

That's it. Ready to eat in about twenty minutes or so. Great food, hardly any clean up and ready before I can finish an article in a magazine. Enjoy!!!



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