10 April 2012

Helpppppp Meeeee I'm Weak

Dear Friends,

The post title says it all when it comes to sweets and goodies. I have had to learn real discipline over the years to keep it under control. What works best for me when I get these moments of weakness, is to promise myself to write down everything I eat each day and do this for a week. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, I do it for the entire month. So when I angst over that extra piece of chocolate cake, I think twice.

BUTTTT, there are times when every little shred of good healthy eating habits need to take the backstage for a while and decadence gets the spotlight. That was how I felt this past holiday weekend. For years I have had my large family for Easter dinner but no one was here this year. It was quiet.  Actually, too quiet thus  I was feeling a bit let down. So, I thought to myself, what would make me happy? The answer came quickly and easily. Baking, of course. And it had to be something with chocolate.

I rushed to my cabinet to see what ingredients I had available. I had chocolate chips and a bar of non sweetened chocolate. I narrowed my choices to CC cookies or homemade brownies. Because, however,  I am the worst decision maker when it comes to yearnings, I  decided to make both. It was a holiday after all. As I readied my work area, I began to feel almost giddy, like Scrooge on Christmas Day. I turned on some cool music and started the chocolate chip cookies.

Usually when I bake, I use my kitchen aid but last month I purchased my first ever handheld  blender and I love it. Somehow I feel more connected  to my food when using it. I also, by the way for the same reason, use pencil and paper when I am drafting any of my writing. My pulse feels closer to it. Anyway, I started singing and dancing to the rhythm ( one of the hardest words ever for me to remember how to spell) and before I realized it, my spirits were lifted as I watched the beaters mix the batter.  I kept the speed on low just to enjoy the process. Just watching it spin around and around practically hypnotized me.

As the first batch baked, I mixed together the brownies. Because brownies should not sit long after the batter is ready, I stuck them in next for twenty-seven minutes 
As I waited, I sat down with a glass of cold milk and hot, fresh, melted chocolaty and all cookies. I devoured them, reverting to my nine year old guiltless self. I did leave some room for a brownie or two for an after dinner dessert.

I was HAPPY:) 



PS Any chocolate chip or brownie recipe is pretty much just as good as the other. So find your favorite and indulge.

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