05 April 2012

I like no LOVE PESTO

Dear Friend,

      I know pesto is thought of as a summer food but the abnormal seventy to eighty degree weather we are  having at this time of year has made everything here on the farm topsy-turvy. I have peach blossoms out, my tulips have opened, and my cilantro has risen from the depths of the dirt to give me another bountiful season. Of course if I lived near Meghan in sunny California this would be normal but here in the Northeast, well let's just say we are all dizzy with confusion.
  It does not take me long, however, to transition to this warmth. When I notice the fresh cilantro growing in my herb bed, I giggle with excitement, pull off a few stems and munch away. Thoughts of delicious fresh pesto dance in my brain.  I race into the kitchen, grab a bowl and return to pick as many leaves as possible. There are not many but I know I have enough parsley on hand to add to my recipe. I can hardly contain myself at this point as I ready the Cuisinart. I wash the herbs, peel the garlic, measure the Parmesan, and open a fresh bottle of EVOO. When I see that I still have some pine nuts in the cupboard, I pause to gave thanks. I absolutely adore these delicacies but at such a high cost per pound, I often substitute organic walnuts.

   I am ready. As my pasta water is heating,  I begin the mixing process. I pour everything in to the Cuisinart at once. Then I add a hint of light maple syrup. Just a hint is all it needs to blend the flavors together. With a slight  press to the lever, the machine turns on and I watch the ingredients spin wildly around. I have to stop often to push the mixture down with my spatula. Each time I take a small taste. It is perfect, beyond perfect.

 I am happy.  This is my first feast from my garden and I am enjoying every bite. You can be sure there will be more pesto recipes coming. And I know Meg, Linda and Katherine also have some to share.

Cilantro/Parsley Pesto

1 cup cilantro
1 cup parsley
1/3 cup Parmesan
1/3 cup nuts ( your choice)
1 shot glass of EVOO or more if you need it
1 or 2 cloves garlic

Mix it all together well in a Cuisinart or other mixer
Put on pasta or anything you like.



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  1. Yum! I made mine a couple weeks ago with basil, Italian parsley and pecans!