21 July 2012

Summer Salads 4 Ways and the Women Who Grew Them

My blog today is not as much about food as it is about the women who grow it. I want to pay homage to Jude Mead, Priscilla Morse  and Deloris Perotti who keep me and my family in affordable and healthy home grown vegetables. They are gardeners of the first order. The dedication it takes to be an organic gardner, (although none of them like that word) passed me by. These women are botanist,  soil engineers, meteorologist and bug experts. Their craft requires unending work; they prepare, plant, maintain, harvest and preserve the fruits of their labors. Combined they have over 100 years of gardening experience. I am wowed as I listen to Deloris, Jude and Pricilla talk about stink bugs, cut worms, fungus and how next year it might be worth trying....... Their wealth of knowledge is amazing.                            

 Summer Salads 4 Ways, was my thank you to these women who have shared their bounties with me and with our community. I made Asian Slaw, Beet Salad, Quinoa with Chopped Vegetables and Marinated Kale, Broccoli and Beans. The quinoa was dressed with lemon zest and juice (add any finely chopped herbs and vegies you have on hand). To the kale salad I added lime juice, tarmari, a few drops of sesame oil and grated garlic and ginger. (I haven't included amounts because they vary depending on the size of the salads.)
It was such fun delivering these colorful and delicious salads to these women who give so much to others. Their eyes danced with delight as they received the fruits of their labors.



  1. My Aunt Priscilla is the most brilliant, enthusiastic, determined, and seasoned gardener in all of New England and beyond. Her stamina is unmatched. There isn't a weed, insect, disease, specie, or discoloration she can't identify. She has now inspired three generations to discover the excitement, satisfaction, and occasional heartache of gardening-vegetables, fruits and flowers. Everyone should have an Aunt Priscilla. She may think we just love her for her manure, tomato plants, and bread-and-butter pickles, but it's much more than that. Thank you for acknowledging her and giving back to the ultimate giver.

  2. I agree, I am so inspired by your Aunt and her commitment to your family and to our environment. I always look forward to my visits-

  3. My mouth is watering! I so wish I had space for a vegetable garden.

    Ashley DeMazza