01 September 2012


Blue Moon

William Barlow in 1528 said.....
"If thy says the moon is blue
We must believe that it is true"

The Blue Moon is this wonderful approximately every three year occurrence and once in a blue moon do you get to party like this. Fun Fun Fun. Plenty of crab cakes, spare ribs, baked beans, fresh tomatoes with lemon goat cheese and basil, cashew pesto, and some yummy brochette. Add some delicious mocha chip ice cream cones and an outdoor fire to make old fashioned s'mores for dessert and you have one perfect evening. Oh yes there was plenty of Blue Moon beer to go around.

Here we are getting ready.

Blue Moon

The vegetarian tasting a bit of the nightly temptations.

Put the music on and the dancing begins as we ready for guests.

David getting ready for the party people

Let the fixings begin while singing Blue Moon.


1 comment:

  1. This is a peek and wink into the L U N A C Y OF THE FULL MOON!
    You described it perfectly.