22 September 2012

Grapes Glorious Grapes

Dear Friends,

        I am so pleased that my grapes did well this year, at least most of them. Usually they shrivel up and die because I refuse to treat them anyway but organically but I believe I found the secret to a good crop.  It is lots and lots of airflow and good pruning. I also started talking  to them sweetly throughout the summer. What I got in return was a bountiful beautiful crop of grapes. Now what do I do? Well, when you get grapes, make grape juice. That is exactly what I did. This is what I learned.
      It is lots of hard work picking and sorting the grapes. It is very messy work. And it takes a heck of a lot of grapes to make one glass of grape juice.  I used a hand grinder to press the juice out. I wish I could have done it the Lucille Ball way of stomping on the grapes in a huge barrel in my bare feet because that would have been lots more fun.
     But WOW it was worth every moment of my time once I tasted a glassful.
       Would I do it again next year? YES YES YES.  I even plan to put in more rows of grapes. Very exciting! I wish I could share this glass of fresh grape juice with you all.

Enjoy the pics,

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