23 October 2012

Spacious skies and rigatoni pies


Dear Friends,

          Meg had a baby. Linda is busy with work. And Katharine and I took a journey to see America the good old fashioned way of being on the road. A good portion of the trip was on the train but we also included planes automobiles and a ferry ride. From coast to coast we hopped the rails in search of good food and adventure. We found adventure but the good food was not located until we reached our San Francisco destination. We started in Albany, New York and took an overnight train to Chicago. All roomettes were sold out so we traveled coach. The seats reclined but comfort was not an option.  Our first stop in Chicago had a three hour layover. We were smart enough to get out of the train station and head out to the windy city. Our senses led us to a very cool restaurant where we devoured apple walnut salad and fresh baked rigatoni with kale and fresh marinara sauce. But because we were so taken in by the sights and sounds of the city, we forgot to take food pictures. We did however get some of our surroundings on camera. Enjoy and stay posted for more.

Jude and Katharine

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