30 October 2012

The Wild West or Where do we Eat

 Dear Friends,

     The west is beautiful and seeing the vastness of this country is just jaw dropping awesome. However, seeing it by train is limiting when it comes to food. For three days Katharine and I had to dine on the same meal for breakfast and dinner. For lunch we just munched on one of the delicious fresh apples that Katharine had sense enough to bring and a granola bar. Need I say that was the best meal of the day. Train food just does not cut it for us foodies. I have to say though that most people seemed to be enjoying their meals so maybe we were just being a bit too fussy. What we did end up ordering was somewhat tasty and easy to make. For breakfast we had eggs and toast. We would get wild and crazy and vary the way we wanted them served, sometimes scrambled sometimes fried. For dinner we opted for fettacini with sun dried tomatoes and steamed kale in a very buttery white sauce. This was not low calorie so Katharine and I shared the dinner, thus compromising the cost of the over priced meal and cutting the added pounds. Besides, eating on a train is not all that appetizing. But if I had to grade it for taste, I would give it a NTB, not too bad. We survived the ride despite the food. Perhaps because the people we met were all nice and we ended up hanging out with a group of young european travelers, who by the way liked the food.

Happy Trails,


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