01 November 2012

Baby, Kitchen and Cauliflower

Dear Friends,

My grandson and me
       My trip to San Francisco was remarkable. I left home as a mother and returned a grandmother. Meghan gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy in the world. It was a rough beginning but mother and baby are doing well and I will let Meg update you on her being a new mom. The days flew by when I was there and I amazed myself how well I adapted to my new role. However that is not what I want to talk about this week.

 I want to let you know that finally I am renovating the kitchen. It needed an update. The original house we built in 1981 and finished it in 1984. That's right it took three years and in the meantime I lived across the street in a one room cabin with no running water or electricity but with a newborn baby. No one can I say I do not have endurance. But I digress.

     Of all the rooms in my home, the kitchen is where I spend most of my time.  It is my heaven on earth.  So the prospect of redesigning was exciting. Keeping in mind cost, comfort, and compatibility to my lifestyle, I set about researching. That was the easy beginning. The choices, the decisions, and yes the " how do I survive without a kitchen" that came later were far  more challenging. But the hardest challenge I faced was food and appetite. The first few weeks I had little desire to eat among sawdust and clutter.
      My friends saved me by delivering meals. I am grateful they are such great cooks. I missed cooking though and borrowed the coolest little two burner stove from Johanna. M first simple meal back to normalcy was steelhead trout, salad with chopped apple and balsamic vinaigrette, winter squash, and the star of the evening Cauliflower. Gloria shared this simple recipe and now I will share it with  you.                           

 One head of Cauliflower
a teaspoon of cumin
a teaspoon of coriander
a teaspoon of turmeric
1Tablespoon of water

 1.Saute all the seasonings dry in a pan for a few minutes until they burst into a sweet aroma
 2.Add the water and cauliflower and cover to steam until water evaporates
 3. Add EVOO  and saute on low heat until cauliflower is cooked. Stir often

That's it and it is delicious. Enjoy and Thank you Gloria. Did I tell you I ate the entire head? It was a small one:) Oh and I cooked all this on the small two burner.

Until I cook again.

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