25 November 2012

Giving Thanks and a few tweaked recipes

Shiitake mushrooms and sliced almonds
Dear Friends,

      My thanksgiving without a kitchen was a treat. And I am not being sarcastic. While no turkey graced my absent oven, I was fortunate to be able to dine with my good friends who always have room at their table for me. The fun thing about celebrating with other families is the experience of trying new dishes. We had brine turkey and steamed turkey, we had rustic garlic potatoes and family style mashed, we had green beans with shiitake mushrooms, we had carrots with pistachios, we had maple glazed butternut squash, we had amazing roasted chestnut stuffing. we had homemade cranberry sauce, and we had an amazing dessert table of ginger pumpkin pie, apple pie, and berry pie with a lemony cream topping. Just writing about it makes me want to relive the evening. All this and good friends. How lucky can one woman get!
       But I wanted leftovers so  the next day, oh I can not believe this myself,  I fried a turkey. My electricians convinced me to give it a go. They loaned me a fryer and even the oil because I was not about to spend $35.00 on peanut oil. I made all the side dishes on my trusty two burner stove and a crock pot. As the saying goes, there is a first for everything but I am not so sure about a second. Although it tasted great, the cost and danger of splashing oil may discourage me from doing turkey this way again. But also as the saying goes, one never knows what the future holds.

Enjoy and let's start getting excited about the holidays. Lots of good recipes to try.


PS. The food pics are from Jan's Thanksgiving, not my Friday Fiasco. 

Just add a bit of butter and some pistachios

Recipes can be found at Better Homes and Gardens


the biggest squash I ever grew.

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