27 November 2012

Plush and Plump Pearl Couscous

Dear Friends,

         When good buddies turn you on to something special, well, you just have to share the wealth. Eileen, who has been a truly loving friend for many many years, just happens to be a great cook. She also has been a vegetarian long before it became vogue and has this uncanny ability to throw together ingredients to create meals that are masterpieces. I will surely feature her dishes on this blog but today I just want to let you know that she served me Israeli Pearl Couscous and it completely converted me over to these sweet delicacies of toasted semolina. The rich flavor and the pleasing eye appeal perks up any dish. You can serve it in many ways with many types of sauces or just keep it simple. But whatever you do, give it a try and it will undoubtedly make you smile and give you energy. 



PS I added some pictures to give you updates on the kitchen. Yes, the twenty year wait was worth it. It is looking good and I am fortunate to have wonderful craftspeople to work with. But more on them later.

Jones and Tom framing windows and readying for the counter
My brother in law does a great job on tile

 Tom putting together the puzzle template for countertop
Dave finishing up cabinets

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