16 December 2012

Good Cheer and Ginger Cookies

The best glazed Ginger Cookies in the world

The Madrona Tree - a natural eatery in Arlington, Massachusetts

Dear Friends,

          I ventured off to Arlington Massachusetts the other day and meandered through the historical town while my daughter had a girlfriend visit with her friends. Arlington is best known for its part in the American Revolution and Paul Revere's famous midnight  ride to alert the colonists that the "British are coming". Unfortunately, it is also known as the place where the minutemen ambushed the British soldiers on their retreat from Lexington and Concord, not a pleasant encounter for either side. But what is great about history is that it is always being created and today Arlington is known for having the best ginger cookies in the world, at least if I have I say in it. On a chance, I stopped to eat at the Madrona Tree, an inviting funky natural eatery that proudly displays the logo, " eat like you give a damn". How could I walk by that? My Carrie grilled cheese, pesto, and tomato sandwich was delicious but it was the dessert that caught my attention; soft oversized ginger cookies with big hunks of real ginger. I was told it belonged in the owner Tanya's  family for generations but she kindly shared this treasure so we all could enjoy this treat during the holiday. From all us to all of you at the Madrona Tree, thank you and a very merry holiday.


Trying my hardest to make my ginger cookies as delicious as Tanya's cookies                                           


Tanya's Ginger Cookies
Oven 350 degrees
About 15 minutes cook time.  Check for doneness

Cream together
          1 cup unsalted butter
          11/2 cup brown sugar
          1/2 white  sugar
Mix together
           6 cups flour
           1 tsp ground ginger
            2 tsp salt
            2 tsp baking soda
            1 tsp cinnamon  
Add flour mix to butter mixture
Add and mix
      1 Cup Molasses
      1/2 Cup water
Add 1 cup chopped candy ginger

Glaze top
           1/2 cup confectionery sugar
            2tsp water ( you may need a bit more but this is a good start
mix and drizzle over cooled cookies



I had the most friendly and welcoming experience.
Meg with baby Rainier, Emily, and Alexis came later and enjoyed their lunch

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