09 January 2013

pasts, posts and pierogi

four generations -  me, mom, rainier, meg

Dear Friends,

                     I am sure you were wondering, "Hey, what happened to the Divvy Uppies"! Well, it was the end of the year  holidays that absolutely devoured our time. As for me, I had my twelve week old grandson staying with me for a month and of course he brought along his parents, Meghan and Noah as well as his favorite Uncle Wint. So my time was consumed with family and friends and I could not have been any happier. It is what life is about and of course, the center of all this activity is food. I did so much shopping, cooking and eating that it made me deliriously giddy.
                    So now I say good bye to 2012 and I welcome 2013. My highlights of the past year include my new kitchen that I am grateful for, my new grandson Rainier that I feel blessed about, the five hour pierogi dinner I made from scratch after seeing a recipe in Fine Cooking that I can not believe I did,  and all the love, laughter and luscious meals that delighted me in those twelve months. What I look forward to is writing more posts for you and keeping the meals healthy and splendid. And for you new moms, Meghan will be preparing food that will keep you fit and filled with energy, much needed ingredients in motherhood.
                   We will also be expanding our posts with bits and pieces of wisdom and humor that compliment all food.  Looking forward to being a part of your life in 2013 and may this year bring all your wishes to fruition.

Happy New Year,


The following is the pierogi recipe. The other foods can be found on our blog by keying the word. The people can be found in my heart. Enjoy!

noah cuts the tree down this year
four generations of me, mom, rainier, meg

meg begins decorating

uncle wint watches rainier

noah, meg, rainier


14 year old achilles and one year old abe
my new kitchen

the powerful pomegranate in our daily salad
amazing tomato soup
wint's delicious apple pie

noah preparing enchiladas for Christmas Eve dinner

family and friends eating noah's enchiladas

emily relaxing

guys love cooking in my new kitchen

gramps and rainier

guess who

gathering wood 

me and my love

meg and baby



and more love

making homemade pasta
filled with butternut squash flavored with maple syrup

they were great

meg;s yummy pumpkin chocolate chips muffins - check them out

jan's amazing cheesecake - cranberry orange

Rockefeller center

making peppermint bark
 Happy New Year

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  1. Oh my, Oh My, Oh My! Can't get enough of these pictures!! Love You Guys!