12 January 2013

Tagliatelle with a quick fennel sugo ( sauce)

Dear Friends,
         When I see a recipe that has too many fancy ingredients or ingredients that are foreign to me, my mind stops registering what is on the page. But for 2013, one my New Years Resolutions is change that habit and explore new heights in my cooking. I want to try new flavors and experiment with new ideas. So today I cooked with fennel for the first time. It added so much taste to this recipe that it amazed me how much I ate. It was so good that I was not even aware that I finished the entire bowl, leaving none for my husband. I honestly could not stop eating this delicious dish.
        I found this hearty comfort food in the Fine Cooking magazine that I received as a gift from my friend Gail to inspire me in my new kitchen. I substituted ground turkey for the ground lamb it called for but everything else remained the same. I did use a good dry red wine and although many of my buddies tell me that the quality of wine does not matter, I disagree. If it has been sitting around too long, I dump it and start with a fresher bottle.
        This recipe took  little time to prepare and I enjoyed the fast pace of adding the ingredients and stirring to blend them. Soon the delightful fragrance of the fennel filled the room teasing me to taste the sugo. Sugo, of course, means a rich Italian sauce with full flavor. And that is exactly what I created. In fact I am making it again tonight, only this time to share. Serve it with a pomegranate salad and be sure to put in plenty of those healthy seeds. You can find the recipe at Fine Cooking.



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