06 February 2013

Pea Soup - Posh and Plain - Dinner or Dessert

Dear Friends,

I came home today starving. I left the house this morning with no breakfast, no coffee and no time. Lunch passed by without a nibble. All I had with me was water and even then my bottle came home with me half full. It had been one of those crazy busy days and I was beat. I needed a quick dinner and it had to be nutritious to pick up my energy. I still had play practice. So I opened my cupboard and pulled out a bag of yellow split peas. 

I am not the biggest fan of pea soup but it seemed quick and easy and full of vitamins. I followed no recipe and did no measuring. All I did within five minutes was fill a pot with water to cover the pea( about six cups of water if I had to guess to one 10 oz bag of split peas), threw in a few cut celery sticks, a few chopped carrots, a sliced onion, salt, pepper, and a few pinches of allspice and walla ( is that a word?) I made soup. I let it boil for  five minutes and then on low for 30 minutes. I then used my soup mixer to blend it all together.
What I got was an excellent tasting soup. But the real treat happened when I drizzled maple syrup on it. Sometimes I like to experiment. AMAZING! It was so thick and yummy, I could pass it off as custard.  I do know what I will be eating in the morning. Give it a try. 


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