18 February 2013

Went to the cupboard and the cupboard was bare

Dear Friends,

       Today I worked and then had to travel an hour to the nearest Apple Store to inquire about a software update. This visit was recommended Sunday afternoon by the helpful technician who tried dearly for two hours and fifty-four minutes( yes that is correct because I timed it) to fix the problem. The up side to such a techno session is how much I learn. At the Apple Store, I had to wait as well but only for 45 minutes until one of the thirty-one people on the floor could help me. Yes, thirty-one, all wearing the visible blue t-shirt and all friendly and smiling. There were, of course, more employees in the back room dancing in and out of the swinging door but trying to keep up the count made me dizzy. My personal helper finally arrived and within twenty minutes concluded that it indeed was a software update issue but unfortunately the software would have to be ordered and sent to my house. He added that he could take care of it for me. I agreed, foolishly. Another thirty minutes passed. By the time I arrived home it was dark, cold, and I was starving. Being in one of those busy times in my life, I tend to  forgo grocery shopping and scrape by on what I froze last summer and a few fresh vegetables. So this is what I did. Quick - yes. Delicious - yes. Worth sharing - yes.  I then built a fire and sat on the rug and ate two huge servings of what I am going to call " cut up whatever is in the refrigerator, add a few seasonings, and put it on top of some pasta" dish.



So this is what I found to use:

One large tomato
one small red pepper
one of my med yellow onions from my root cellar
1/2 tsp rosemary
1 sprig of fresh thyme ( I was happy to still have some left)
1/4 tsp marjoram
1/4 cup red wine
a bit of tube tomato paste ( optional but something you may want to have on hand because it is tasteful)
Parmesan cheese

6 -8 oz of any pasta ( I used noodles )

I cut up vegetables and sauteed the pepper and onion in EVOO until lightly browned. I added spices, wine and tomato and simmered until tomato softened and juices flowed out. I then added a bit of tomato paste from a tube that I always have on hand. If you do not have it, buy some. I put this mix on top of noodles, added a little Parmesan and enjoyed every bite.

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