28 March 2013

Nothing Like A Grilled Cheese


What a day! I spent most of it with my ninety-three year old mom. She was always a bit of a spitfire and the years have worn away only some of the spark. It is a new experience watching the aging process, but this independent, retired fifty hour a week worker still has her wit and wisdom so let me share a bit with you.

" Mom, do you have any regrets looking back on your life?"
" Yes. I wish I had become a nun."
" But then you would not have had me or the rest of your children?"
" That's true. I wish I had become a nun."

" Mom, I remember you saying when you were seventy that you were old. Do you wish you had not thought that then because you must think that is young now?"
" No."

" Mom,  can you give me some advice about getting older?"

" But mom, you always said that age is meaningless.  That you are as young as you feel."
" And you believed that?"

" Okay, mom , but you are so lucky. You look great. You feel good. You keep up with what's happening in the world. And you have your family around you. What else could you ask for?"
" Can I have a grilled cheese for lunch?"

She is the best!

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