13 January 2014

Fennel is my new BFF - Potato Fennel Soup

While I wait in anticipation for a carrot fennel soup recipe that Gustavo made at the Southfield Store in Massachusetts, that will knock your warm wooly socks off, I will share with you his unbelievably delicious potato fennel recipe. Fennel is my new best friend in the kitchen. I grew it for the first time this past summer in my garden and it did extremely well. It does not take up too much room, grows quickly and one bulb produces enough food for several recipes. And it looks pretty with its feathery top. What I like most, however, about this underdog of vegetables is that it adds a hint of fragrance to the recipe and heaps of flavor. When eating it raw, fennel has a light anise taste but when cooked the flavor sweetens as it softens.  It's irresistible once you try it. So give it a go and notice the fat free milk addition. Now who after the heavy holiday season can resist that?

Post script - I made my own stock this time ( I had all the ingredients) but any good store bought vegetable stock will work.

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