08 January 2014

french pressed coffee and a grape chevre salad and a Happy New Year

First I want to tell you about the French Press Coffee maker. I am an on and off coffee drinker but when I'm on, I desire a good cup of coffee. I'll admit I am a bit of a coffee snob. I normally use an old fashioned percolator that delivers a delicious cup and I finally got the desired measurements perfect. But when I visited my daughter over Thanksgiving, her French Press gave my percolator competition. I was hooked. She gifted me one over Christmas and I have been enjoying its brew daily. I get quality coffee and easy clean up.  

The grape chèvre salad made by Gloria for our New Years  Eve party was a hit. It looked beautiful and met everyones expectation on taste. The little patties of lightly sauteed goat cheese caught our attention from the start. And the purple grapes complimented the baby greens.

Now onto New Year's Eve. In twenty-four hours my good friend Jan and I pulled together a dinner party. Initially most of my buddies were tired from the holiday and we were going to stay home and sit around. But then Jan asked me if I would host a small dinner party. She would pick up the lobster. The thought of sitting for several hours with good friends and fine food in front of our fireplace sounded perfect. A few texts and several phone calls and fourteen people later we had a party. And what a blast we had. The lesson I learned that night and for the New Year and all the years after that is that I want to celebrate always with good friends and family.

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