11 January 2015

Chewy, Chunky and chocolate chippy

Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie and when it comes to making the best, my family comes out tops. First I baked dozens for a party using my regular off the chip package recipe, then my daughter Meg baked her chewy delights and then my son's girlfriend treated us to a chocolate chip cookie with a twist. Danesha has a creative edge that inspires us all. She added maple syrup, cinnamon, reduced her vanilla, and baked the entire batch on a pizza stone. She also put her dough in the refrigerator for a brief time and in between batches. Her other secret is to roll the dough into small balls and before placing them on the stone. These cookies were visually perfect as well as delicious, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. So if you plan on making chocolate chip cookies now or in the future, print this recipe and put it in a secure handy spot ready to try. I guarantee your reward will be smiles and compliments…lots of compliments.

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