14 July 2015

That Special Smoked Salmon Appetizer

What is more wonderful than having great friends? It is having great  food loving friends. This smoked salmon appetizer that Gloria and David made for a reception looks beautiful and tastes scrumptious.  And it screams summertime. I can guarantee that not one appetizer will be left on the plate.

What you will need:

1  English cucumber  ( the long thin type)
1/4 pound of smoked salmon
8 oz of whipped cream cheese or you can whip it yourself as G & D did
several sprigs of fresh dill
1 lemon

Slice cucumber thin ( do not peel )
chop some of the dill but leave some for topping
grate the lemon peel for zest
mix together the whipped cream cheese with the lemon zest and dill

Layer as follows:

cucumber slice
dab of whipped cream cheese mix
small slice of smoked salmon
small sprig of dill

That's it…And you have yourself a great dish to bring anywhere for anything. Enjoy

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