06 October 2015

It's a Bird, it's a Plane, no it's a Vegetable Super Soup

This soup is so delicious, that I had to be held back from devouring the entire pot. There were actually people at the table licking their bowls to capture every last drip of this amazingly scrumptious soup. It is the creation of my good friend Eileen who has an uncanny flair for throwing together ingredients and producing dishes that are both unique and yummy. This soup, however, I put as number one. And it all came about because she wanted to host a small dinner party and also wanted to keep the meal easy, filling, and of course special. She succeeded with a perfect evening of great food, good friends, and cherished memories. I know this soup is a keeper if it can provide so much enjoyment. Below is her original recipe she graciously shared.

She soaked 2 cups of Kidney beans over night in water. The next day she  boiled and then simmered them until soft {maybe 45 min}

A friend gave her a generous  gift of gorgeous veggies- She roasted 2 onions , several cloves of garlic, 3 different colored peppers, several carrots, a zucchini and a yellow squash. I chopped them in medium chunks, put in a bowl with organic olive oil, salt and pepper. Once in  large lasagna type pan I roasted until they were done in a pre heated oven (30/45 minutes…on high heat around 425). 

She measured out 8 cups of water and simmered it with an organic vegetable cube. Added the beans, added the vegetables and a dollop of pistachio basil/parsley pesto.

She served the steamy soup topped with Romano cheese and as a side served warm buttered bread. 

I have made this soup several times since and added roasted tomatoes because my garden was overflowing.

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