19 February 2016

Lime Coconut Rice - It had me at coconut

My friend Jan hosted an old fashioned pot luck dinner this week and asked us all to bring a dish that complimented her Thai entree. I immediately thought of making this Lime Coconut Rice recipe that I have been wanting to try out. Experimenting new dishes on friends is always fun but it also can be a bit challenging. Having never tasted it, I knew that there was always the possibility that it may not be as good as it sounds. Luckily it was and only about one tablespoon remained. I guess no one likes to take the last bite. Would I make this again? Yes.

Serves 4

1/2 cup jasmine rice
1 can of light coconut milk
1 lime 
2 TBS Mead's Maple Granules ( you can use white/brown sugar)
Toasted coconut flakes

Put the rice and coconut milk in a sauce pan, Zest the lime and add to this. Then squeeze the juice from the lime and add as well. Lastly put in the granules or sugar. Cook over medium heat stirring until the granules or sugar melts. Turn heat down to a low slow simmer, cover, and let the rice cook until all moisture is absorbed about 20 minutes but keep checking after ten. In the meantime, toast about a cup of coconut flakes. Watch these carefully because once they start toasting, it goes quickly. Enjoy!

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