23 March 2016

Grilled cheese made in a waffle maker? Really?

Okay I admit that my waffle maker comes out but once a year, maybe twice. It sits on the shelf lonely just gathering dust. Several times I have been tempted to sell it at the annual Lions Club Tag Sale but then I know I would miss it, even if it does get used rarely. Thank goodness, I didn't succumb to the temptation of ditching it because yesterday my Fine Cooking magazine came and inside it featured savory waffles. My other cooking magazine, Light Cooking , also had recipes for using waffle makers. And so inspired by their ideas, I began creating my own yummy foodie experiments with my waffle maker. First on my list was an apple cheddar grilled cheese sandwich with maple mustard. All I did was slice cheddar very thin, slice apple very thin, spread the maple mustard ( used regular Dijon with a bit of maple syrup stirred in ) on two slices of multi grain bread. I put this all together in sandwich fashion and brushed olive oil on outside of the bread before putting it in the preheated waffle iron. Yes you can use a  fry pan to make this simple and delicately light lunch but I felt grateful that I resurrected my waffle iron. Now I can't wait to try other recipes.

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