12 February 2012

Valentine’s Day Memories

In our home we have had a tradition that has lasted for over twenty years, a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. I have great memories of Tim and the kids racing through the house, red hearts in hand, rushing to find the next clue as they perfected their Tom Cruise slides.

“Roses are red,
Daffodils are yellow,
Go to the place
Where Mom likes to get mellow”

A poet I am not, but laughter, fun and the treasure of a Whitman’s sampler was shared by all.  The gift is the memories that were made with a little imagination, a little paper and a little glitter.

Alas, our youngest, Luke, will be heading off into the world next year so this will be the last year of our family hunt. With a happy/sad heart I will be hiding clues for the final time, remembering the years and family memories of Valentine’s days past.

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