01 March 2012

Making Me Laugh This Snowy Morning

Here on the east coast we got our first real winter weather. The snow came, the freezing rain drizzled and winter reared its ugly head that I love so much. It was hard not to wake up with a smile on my face knowing that when I drew my shade the world would be white and peaceful. And it was.

And then I got a phone call from my friend Bridget, whose everyday life is an adventure, and is going to Nicaragua tomorrow. Its her mom's birthday today, happy birthday Nance!

Bridget and I at our Graduation from Villanova, May 2011

And then I saw this video. I think I'm a little late but it made me belly laugh so I just have to do my duty and share it with everyone. The Taylor Swift prediction really gets me!

Last night we celebrated Jude's birthday one last time. It was made complete with a warm fire, gorgeous yellow tulips from her thoughtful children, a yummy dinner and a beautiful water lilly themed birthday cake, baked by the self proclaimed "non-baker" Eileen. 

Talk about celebrations! I hope everyone has a day worth celebrating-


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